Set up a row of hula hoops where the athlete will perform the throwing. Instruct athlete to step into the hula hoop to begin throwing. Parent will set up in a “catchers” position about four yards away from the hula hoop where the athlete is standing. Instruct athlete to throw a ball and try to hit the coach in the hands. Athlete can try and hit different parts of the “strike zone.” Watch the athlete’s throw. Look for an underhand throw or overhand. Watch for trunk flexion while throwing instead of a trunk turn and feet facing the target. Note which type of throw and stance the athlete has begun with. Instruct athlete to stand with feet about shoulder width apart and with body turned to the left or right depending on which hand is being used to throw. Instruct athlete to throw the ball at the target as hard as possible. Being to teach the four steps of throwing: Load, Open, Throw, Followthrough so that the athlete will eventually load, rotate the body and shift all weight on the throw and finish standing outside the hula hoop. Repeat three times before next athlete’s turn.