Set up a net. Set up a row of hula hoops where the athlete will perform the throwing. Instruct athlete to step into the hula hoop to begin throwing. Instruct athlete to line up inside a hula-hoop, belly button facing away from the target, same as toes. Instruct athlete to step out of the circle with front foot as athlete throws. Expect trunk flexion with the throw and off target. It’s ok if throw does not go where intended. Let’s look for rotation in the athlete’s lower body or stepping out of the hula-hoop. Set up hula-hoops a few feet away from the net. Being to teach the four steps of throwing: Load, Open, Throw, Follow-through so that the athlete will eventually load, rotate the body and shift all weight on the throw and finish standing outside the hula hoop. Repeat three times before next athlete’s turn.