This exercise is a higher level of the cross-crawling pattern. The opposing sides of the body should be synchronized.

  • Right hand forward; left foot forward
  • Left hand forward; right foot forward
  • No swaying or leaning to one side; torso should be tall and straight
  • Arms are loose or bent, not straight and stiff
  • Step-hop, step-hop rhythm should be continuous

To perform the skipping exercise: The athlete should start by standing tall with the hands by the sides. The athlete then steps forward with the right foot. Upon the right foot hitting the ground, the left foot should be moving in the same direction as the right. The athlete should do a quick short vertical hop with the right foot as the left foot comes forward and goes from parallel with the right foot and then to the front and repeat the step-hop action with the right foot. The arms opposite of the feet (right arm-left leg and left arm-right leg) should be in synch with each other. The left arm should move forward when the right leg moves forward. Same goes for the other side. Repeat this process for the prescribed distance.