This exercise prepares the athlete to begin full-body coordination in a more dynamic fashion. Remember, a high percentage of the acts we do as athletes happen while the body is on one foot and the other extremities are in motion. This drill prepares the body, in a low-grade plyometric manner, to handle the higher-level activities.

  • Right hand forward, left knee (momentum) forward
  • Left hand forward, right knee (momentum) forward
  • Arms should be bent as if in a running position
  • The action support foot should land on the “ball” of the foot each time
  • The momentum leg should swing by the support leg in both directions
  • Torso should be vertical or within a few degrees of vertical

To perform the Single-Leg Hop: The athlete should start by standing tall, on the left foot, such that the right knee and left arm are behind the body’s centerline, and the right arm is bent, but in line with the left foot. The left arm should be bent, too, and in line with the right foot. Begin the movement by allowing the left knee to slightly flex then rapidly extend to push the body forward. Understand, that while pushing forward, the left leg will now be behind the body, as should the right arm. As the left leg pushes back, the right arm thrusts back with the same vigor. Meanwhile, the left arm and bent right leg simultaneously swing forward to provide momentum for the hop. When the left foot reaches enough force to leave the ground and move forward, it does so with the right arm moving forward, too. Simultaneously, the left arm and right leg rapidly return to the position they were in when the movement started. Repeat this process for the prescribed distance.