Instruct athlete to turn body to the right or left facing away from the starting cone. Athlete can be directed by instructing to point both feet (toes) to a specific target or thing that is visible to all athletes lined up to perform the exercise. Once toes are facing in that direction, instruct athlete to shuffle feet to the next cone in the zigzagged set up and continue to each cone until the last one. Repeat going back to the starting cone but facing the same direction so that the lead foot is now the opposite foot to the one that started the drill.

NOTE: Information below is for coaches to understand what the athlete needs to learn during the process and is not immediately expected from the athlete.

*This exercise prepares the athlete to begin full-body weight shifting in a lateral motion as well as gaining a full body understanding of coordination of the extremities. *

  • Feet should always face perpendicular to the direction of travel
  • No squatting or hands to the sides; this isn’t a stereotypical basketball drill
  • Head always faces straight
  • Torso tall, always facing straight
  • Arms swing in coordination with the feet
  • The whole foot should land, not just the “ball” of the foot
  • Feet should never touch
  • Feet should hop and not slide