My First Baseball Practice at Little Rookies - How to Prepare and What to Expect

How to prepare your child for his or her first day at Little Rookies, and what to expect as a new parent to our program.

Your child’s first day at Little Rookies is near, and we can’t wait to meet you! Here’s how to prepare your child for his or her first day, and what to expect as a new parent to our program.

The Night Before

Before even arriving to the field, your child should be well-rested and hydrated. Make sure your child has had breakfast and a good night’s sleep before their big day!

Arriving at the Field

Upon arrival, all the equipment should be set up and you will be greeted by our coaches. Once each child has arrived, the coaches will split the kids into groups. For the 2-year olds, parents will stay with their child the entire time, and for ages 3 and up, parents are welcome to drop them off and come back for pickup or stay at the field and watch.

First Day Exercises

There will be three stations, all of which your child will go through: a movement assessment, stability assessment, and reflex retention and integration assessment. These assessments involve everything from skipping and standing on one leg to shuffling and crawling.

These stations serve as a starting point for coaches to evaluate your child’s current skills and needs. This helps them figure out which level to start your child at, so they can advance as efficiently as possible. Each child will have his or her own record sheet so coaches can jot down important notes as your child moves through each assessment station.

After the assessment stations is something we like to call, “Rookie Time.” Essentially this is where your child will hit a ball off the tee as far as possible as well as throw a ball as far as possible. Each child in our program goes through this exercise regardless of age or skill level. It’s meant for coaches to measure your child’s fundamental baseball movements and assess areas of improvement.

Questions & Concerns

During this hour and a half session, there will be water and bathroom breaks! Our coaching staff is here to support your child and remedy any concerns you may have. So be sure to approach them on your child’s first day with any important questions or concerns. All online paperwork and information should be filled out and ready to go before your child’s first day.

We hope this information was helpful and look forward to meeting you and your Little Rookie soon!

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