Set up two bases about 15 yards apart. Instruct the athlete to set up at one of the bases with one foot on the base and the other pointing towards the other base (athletic position). The foot that is on the base should be on the outermost part of the base to shorten the distance to the next base. Instruct athlete to listen for a “clap” from the coach. The athlete will run to the next base as fast as possible once the “clap” is heard. Instruct the athlete to sprint to the next base while bringing the knees up high and pumping bent arms while running on the ball of the feet and no heel touching the ground. Instruct the athlete to stop at the intended base. “Safe.”

Repeat with the next athlete. If time allows, a second athlete can be added to the mix. The second athlete lines up about eight yards from the first base. That athlete will chase the base running athlete with a baseball and try to tag the athlete before reaching the next base. If the athlete is safe, the “tagger” owes five pushups. If the athlete is out, the runner owes five pushups.