Little Rookies Internship Program — Engage with young athletes in a group setting under the tutelage of a Little Rookies’ coach.

Little Rookies is a unique athletic development program that associates an understanding of the physical, psychological and sociological development of athletes from 2-8 years old. Little Rookies is geared toward baseball and softball. The programming, however, adheres to the developmental age of the athletes. Therefore, teaching Fundamental Movement Skills and Fundamental Sports Skills are primary.

Our goal is to hit a H.O.M.E. R.U.N. with every athlete. We want to HOLISTICALLY create OUTSTANDING young athletes who possess amazing MOVEMENT abilities and approach every skill and drill with a dynamic EFFORT and a RESPECT for the learning process that ensures they leave us with an UNCOMMON NERVE.

In short, we prepare young athletes to excel in all sports.

Little Rookies Interns will:
  • Learn the developmental process of the human athlete.
  • Learn how to assess and train young athletes.
  • Engage with young athletes in a group setting under the tutelage of a Little Rookies’ coach.
  • Help teach young athletes fundamental movement skills and fundamental sports skills.
  • Learn how to set up and orchestrate programming for young athletes.
  • Become Child CPR, First Aid and AED certified.
  • Become a C.L.A.Y. Level One Coach

The interns will need to have reliable transportation to and from the job site as well as to and from the education site.

From a physical standpoint, Little Rookies interns should have:
  • Ability to crawl, stand, squat, rotate, flex, extend, skip, hop, shuffle, throw, kick and run.
  • Ability to lift 40 pounds.
  • Visual acuity required to see proper movement patterns and log information on a computer or a ledger.
  • Able to communicate verbally and ability to listen.
  • Ability to stand; particularly for sustained periods

Our internships are open to currently enrolled students from accredited education institutions.

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